Alpha Shaping, Inc. is a leader in gear shaping manufacturing. Our facility has one of the largest collections of gear shaping machinery in the world. Coupled with the unique capacity that our machines contain, this allows us to meet almost any need our customers may have. This unique capacity is a result of modifications to our equipment. We have large-throated risers that allow us to fit uniquely shaped parts that cater to industries such as mining, wind energy, paper, heavy equipment and many others. From external and internal spur and splines to herringbone and racks, we are able to accommodate all of your gear shaping requests.

Alpha Shaping matches our unique capacity with unique knowledge and professionalism that only can come from years of experience. With four generations of gear manufacturing experience behind our name, we bring unparalleled expertise and know-how to each and every job.

Alpha Shaping’s combination of unique capacity, knowledge, and professionalism results in excellent quality. We strive to continually exceed our customers’ expectations, as well as our own. We are committed to increasing our knowledge in the field and are consistently looking for new ways to better our service to our customers.

Alpha Shaping understands that excellent quality should never compromise timely delivery. We pride ourselves on meeting our customer's lead times to provide the service they need when they need it.